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Ambient Jungle 2

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Expect a diverse selection of tight, chopped drum breaks, rolling percussion, deep, subby basses, cerebral synth pad chords, heavenly pianos, dreamy Rhodes chords, Lush synth lead layers, a comprehensive array of FX tools, plus much, much more.


Within Ambient Jungle 2, you’ll find:


Drum & Percussion Loops & One Shots

A versatile selection of rolling Jungle Breaks, all processed with iconic vintage gear for that crisp, classic sampler sound. Expect punchy kicks, and tight, cracking snares, with a diversity of flexible groove variations. You'll also find a diverse selection of Percussion loops, ranging from airy cymbal loops, to driving bongo grooves and shaker loops. You’ll also find a selection of Drum & Percussion one shots, allowing you to construct new grooves, and build extra rhythmic layers of your own.


Bass Loops & One Shots

A deep and subby selection of classic 808s, Reeses, Acid Basses, and Subs, perfect for filling out the low-end of your tracks. Additionally, you'll find a folder of Bass One Shots containing all the essential bass sounds used within these loops, giving you the freedom to build your own unique basslines from the ground up. 


FX Loops & One Shots

Elevate your tracks with a selection of classic Jungle-inspired FX and atmospheres, including both tense and atmospheric Risers and Swells, percussive impacts, classic Dub Sirens, Synth Zaps, Glitch FX, and reverse cymbal FX. These sounds are perfect for building dynamic transitions, creating atmosphere, and for adding depth and energy to your mix.


Melodic Loops & One Shots

A diverse selection of bright and dreamy lead melodies ranging from a variety of Lush, Plucky Synth Keys, to dreamy Electric Piano Leads, and Vintage-style Synth melodies. Additionally, you'll find a folder of Synths and Keys One Shots containing all the essential sounds used within these loops, allowing you to build your own unique melodic layers.


Chord & Pad Loops & One Shots

An extensive collection of lush chord progressions and ethereal, ambient Pad tones that add a new dimension to your productions - including Lush & Dreamy Synth Pads, Jazzy Electric Piano Chords, and vintage analog Synth Chord textures. Whether you're looking to create a dreamy atmosphere, or add an emotional dimension to your tracks, these Chords and Pads are perfect for the job. You'll also find a folder of Chord and Pad One Shots containing all the essential sounds used within these loops, giving you the freedom to construct your own chord sequences.


Whether you're producing Jungle, Drum and Bass, or even getting experimental with other genres, this unique collection from Element One is a versatile addition to any music production arsenal.


All these sounds are downloadable in HD WAV at 24-bit/44.1kHz – key & tempo-labelled so that you can explore them with maximum ease. All loops and one-shot samples are 100% royalty-free.


Pack Specification

237x Total Samples

139x Total WAV Loops

98x Total One Shots

29x Melodic Loops

29x Bass Loops

28x Chord & Pad Loops

17x Drum Break Loops

13x Percussion Loops

23x FX Loops

14x Bass One Shots

39x Chord & Pad One Shots

21x Drum One Shots

17x FX One Shots

7x Synths & Keys One Shots

Ambient Jungle 2

  • Element One proudly presents its second exploration into the atmospheric and dreamy sounds of Ambient Jungle with Volume 2. This pack draws inspiration from the pioneering sounds of Jungle legends such as Peshay, LTJ Bukem, Photek, Wax Doctor, as well as the contemporary sounds of Jungle artists such as Pizza Hotline and Sawteeth.


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