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Heavyweight Jungle

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Within Heavyweight Jungle, you’ll find:


Bass Loops: It's all about the low end in Heavyweight Jungle, and we've got you covered with an abundance of chest-rattling basslines. These seismic subs and wubs, earth-shattering 808s, and growling mid-range sounds provide the foundation for your tracks, ensuring maximum low-end energy.


Drum Breaks & Drum Loops: This pack flaunts a vast selection of expertly designed drum loops, ranging from gritty, rolling drum breaks to broken breaks, and deep abstract grooves. These rhythms capture the essence of jungle with a dark, gritty twist, guaranteeing a sinister and aggressive edge to your tracks.


Percussion Loops: Elevate your tracks with an extensive assortment of Hat Loops, Drum Break Fills, Intro Drum Loops, Kick Loops, Kick and Snare Loops, Percussion Loops, Shaker Loops, and Cymbal Loops. These elements add a primal feel to your compositions and help drive your breaks.