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Nuttah Jungle

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In detail, expect to find 35 Drum Breaks and Percussion loops, 40 Bass Loops including Subs, 808s, Wubs, Reeces, and classic Analog sounds, 28 Vocal verses and chants inspired by old-skool Jungle MC’s, 40 Synth Loops including Synth Pads, Sequences, Melodic loops, Synth Leads, Plucks, and Ambient textures, 23 FX loops including Dub Sirens, Risers, Synth FX, and Zap Loops, plus plenty of one shot samples with 30 drum one shots including Snares, Kicks, Hats, Tambourines, and Percussion, 20 Bass one-shots, 18 Synth one-shots, and 23 FX one-shots including.


All locked in at 170bpm.


Explore the Nuttah Jungle Toolkit now!


These sounds are downloadable in HD WAV at 44.1kHz and 24bit and are all tempo labelled so that you can explore these with maximum ease. All loops and one-shot samples are 100% royalty free. 



Pack Specifications


257x Total Samples

35x Drum Break & Percussion Loops

40x Bass Loops

28x Vocal Verse Loops

40x Synth Loops

23x FX Loops

30x Drum One Shots

20x Bass One Shots

23x FX One Shots

18x Synth One Shots

Nuttah Jungle

  • Element One brings you the sound of Nuttah Jungle. An ode to the original Jungle sound of the early 90’s made famous by the likes of SHY FX, M-Beat, Leviticus, Tom & Jerry, and Dead Dred. Expect raw and gritty drum breaks & percussion, deep basslines, dancehall-inspired MC vocal verses and chants, nostalgic melodies, cerebral FX, and so much more.


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