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OBLIVION: Dark Drum & Bass

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Within OBLIVION: Dark Drum & Bass, you’ll find:


Bass Loops & One-Shots: Including Reeses, squares, drones, wubs, growls, swells, subs, deep atmospherics, and plucks, whilst also offering separated mid & sub layers.


Drum & Percussion Loops: A diverse selection of heavyweight drum grooves and percussive layers - all including individual stems, beat variations, and top loops (no kick).


Drum One-Shots: An extensive selection of hats, kicks, percussion, rims, shakers, and snares.


Pads & Melodic Loops: Intro atmospherics, choir textures, guitar feedback, drones, eerie swells, percussive leads, and dissonant strings.


Pads & Melodic One-Shots: A dissonant, tense array of strings, choirs, synth pads, plucks, and feedback swells.


FX Loops: An FX toolbox full of atmos risers, full atmos textures, industrial drones, ominous atonal pads, static FX, gunshot foley, industrial percussion, metallic impacts, noise pulsations, glitch FX, and glitched risers, abstract synth swells, and percussive synth FX.


FX One-Shots: A diverse selection of FX one-shots, including ambient swells, dark impacts, cymbal FX, glitch one-shots, industrial foley percussion, reverb FX, and abstract synth growls.


All these sounds are downloadable in HD WAV at 24-bit/44.1kHz – tempo-labelled so that you can explore them with maximum ease. All loops and one-shot samples are 100% royalty-free.


Pack Specification

  • 1.15 GB

  • 402 Total Samples

  • 78 Bass Loops

  • 123 Drum Loops (Tops, Variations, Stems)

  • 24 Pad & Melodic Loops

  • 44 FX Loops

  • 58 Drum One-Shots

  • 26 Bass One-Shots

  • 29 FX One-Shots

  • 19 Pad & Melodic One-Shots

OBLIVION: Dark Drum & Bass

  • Element One brings you OBLIVION: Dark Drum & Bass, a dark and ethereal venture into the world of dark DnB. Within you’ll find a vast and diverse selection of samples, including deep and dark basses, heavyweight drums and percussion, eerie atmospheric textures, dissonant drones and ambience, guitar feedback textures, tense string layers, abrasive and industrial percussive FX, insidious synth melodics, and a diverse selection of risers and impacts.

    This pack brings an intense and dark atmosphere to the dark drum & bass sound, all locked in at 172 BPM.


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