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UK Grime Serum Presets

Full Pack Demo Available Here


These Serum presets draw from the rich heritage of grime music, whilst also giving a nod to the new wave of producers across the UK and beyond. Whether you’re producing Grime or Dubstep in the style of Sir Spyro, Kahn & Neek, Rude Kid or JME - these presets have got you covered.


You’ll find the essential sounds in abundance, with rude basses and deep subs providing sure-fire anchorage to your low ends. Colour your twisted melodies in using the included big strings, slick synth leads, snappy synth plucks and digital bells. Use the FX presets to build a sense of futuristic tension, with arcade FX, 8-Bit FX, percussive synth zaps, strong string stabs, lush synth pads, tense risers, and more all included.


Of course, each Serum preset has been designed to give you the best sound upon loading, whilst still providing you entire creative control over the shaping of the sound to exactly suit your unique vibe. Each Preset has at least 2 macro controls mapped to key parameters within Serum so that you can quickly get tone-shaping right away.


Please note: All drum samples heard on this Demo track are available from the "Dark Grime" Element One sample pack.


In detail, expect to find 56 total serum presets, broken down as 25 bass presets (square bass, wubs, subs, drones, 11 FX presets (FX zaps, risers, arcade FX, 8-bit FX), 9 lead presets (square synths, FM synths, bells), 5 pad presets (strings, synth), 3 pluck presets and 3 stab presets (strings).



Pack Specifications


  • 56 Total Serum Presets

  • 25 Bass Presets (Square Bass, Wubs, Subs, Drones

  • 11 FX Presets (FX Zaps, Risers, Arcade FX, 8-bit FX)

  • 9 Lead Presets (Square Synths, FM Synths, Bells)

  • 5 Pad Presets (Strings, Synth)

  • 3 Pluck Presets

  • 3 Stab Presets (Strings)

UK Grime Serum Presets

  • Element One presents UK Grime Serum Presets, a no-holds-barred foray into grime’s characteristically murky and aggressive sound design. Grab this collection today to lock & load on the 56 hottest UK grime Serum presets available.


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