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90s Classic Jungle

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Delve into a treasure trove of Jungle nostalgia, including:


Drum Loops & One Shots

A selection of legendary and nostalgic Jungle Breaks, all processed with iconic vintage gear. These drum breaks provide the perfect foundation for building tracks full of 90s nostalgia. Expect punchy kicks, and tight, cracking snares, with a diversity of flexible groove variations.


Bass Loops & One Shots

The weight of 90s Jungle lies in its deep and subby basslines... Within this pack, expect a diverse array of 808s, Reeses, Wubs, Subs, Organ basses, and big Square Basses. These bass loops, when paired with Drum Breaks, bring a contagious rhythm and weight to Jungle. Additionally, you'll find a folder of Bass One Shots containing all the essential bass sounds used within the loops.


FX Loops & One Shots

Elevate your tracks with a selection of Jungle-inspired FX and atmospheres, including both tense and atmospheric Risers, percussive impacts, classic Siren FX, Sub Drops, and reverse cymbal FX. These sounds are perfect for building dynamic transitions, creating atmosphere, and for adding depth and energy to your mix.


Lead Melody Loops & One Shots

Vintage-inspired Melodic Loops bursting full of 90s Nostalgia. Expect bright and dreamy lead melodies ranging from a variety of Lush, Plucky, 8bit, and Tremolo Keys melodies, to dreamy Electric Piano Leads, and Vintage-style Synth melodies. These melodic loops are designed to evoke the vibrant and ravey atmosphere of 90's Jungle. Additionally, explore a folder of Synth One Shots containing a variety of melodic sounds for further customisation.


Chord & Pad Loops & One Shots

Synth Pads and Chord loops are the emotion and atmosphere of Jungle, offering lush chord progressions and ethereal, ambient tones that add a new dimension to your tracks. Within this pack, you'll find a diverse selection of Lush & Dreamy Synth Pads, Jazzy Electric Keys Chords, and retro Synth Chord textures. Whether you're looking to create a euphoric atmosphere, or add an emotional dimension to your track, these Chord and Pad loops and one shots are the perfect sonic tool for your productions.


Chord Stab Loops & One Shots

Chord stabs are a staple of Jungle DnB, with rhythmic melodic hits that define the genre's signature ravey sound. Layer them with your drum breaks and basslines to create infectious grooves that will keep the ravers going all night. Explore a variety of nostalgic chord stabs, including Strings, Brass, Organs, Synths, and Piano. Additionally, explore our folder of Chord Stab One Shots for added flexibility in your arrangements, allowing you to create your own unique chord patterns and progressions.


Whether you're producing Jungle, Drum and Bass, or even getting experimental with other genres, this unique collection is a versatile addition to any music production arsenal.


All these sounds are downloadable in HD WAV at 24-bit/44.1kHz – key & tempo-labelled so that you can explore them with maximum ease. All loops and one-shot samples are 100% royalty-free.



Pack Specification

586x Total Samples

509x Loops

77x One Shot Samples

43x 808 Bass Loops

27x Organ Bass Loops

42x Reese Bass Loops

23x Square Bass Loops

14x Wub Bass Loops

8x Keys Chord Loops

34x Synth Chord Loops

59x Synth Pad Loops

40x Chord Stab Loops

14x FX Loops

30x Drum Break Loops

64x Keys Melodic Loops

56x Synth Melodic Loops

55x Piano Melodic Loops

16x Bass One Shots

16x Chord and Synth Pad One Shots

13x Chord Stab One Shots

16x Drum Break One Shots

16x Synth Lead One Shots

90s Classic Jungle

  • Element One proudly presents 90s Classic Jungle - a vibrant and nostalgic collection that celebrates the most iconic era of Jungle music. This extensive and diverse pack, weighing in at 1.21GB, offers producers the tools to infuse their productions with the quintessential sound of old-skool Jungle, capturing perfectly the essence of a huge, genre-defining period in electronic music history.


    Inspired by the groundbreaking works of influential artists such as Goldie, LTJ Bukem, Roni Size, DJ Krust, and many more legends of the 90's, this collection resurrects the raw energy and innovation that defined the Jungle movement of the '90s.


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