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Dark Drum & Bass 2

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Within Dark Drum & Bass 2, you’ll find:


Bass Loops & One Shots

Dominate the low-end with an array of deep, gritty reeses, driven 808s, menacing bass growls, weighty wubs, and a tonne of subs, all from a diversity of timbres, from deep and heavy to hard and distorted, included in both loop and one-shot form.


Drum Loops & One Shots

Explore hard-hitting and intricate rhythms with a selection of gritty drum breaks, deep rolling grooves, abstract percussion, and sharp, tight rhythms, with both halftime and full-time rhythms, full of driving energy. Also included are the accompanying top drum loops (without kick) for complete rhythmic customisation and mixing. Included in both loop and one-shot form.


Percussion Loops & One Shots

A range of percussion loops to elevate your rhythm section, with an assortment of hat loops, kick loops, shaker loops, synth FX percussion, and a selection of abstract percussive textures. Included in both loop and one-shot form.


FX Loops & One Shots

Bring a dark atmosphere to your tracks with an advanced FX toolkit, including synth FX swells, ambient atmospheres, experimental textures, tense risers, FX growls, crackle atmospheres, and hard impact FX. These sonic tools are perfect for creating suspenseful transitions, establishing eerie and dissonant atmospheres, and reinforcing rhythms with experimental sound design. Included in both loop and one-shot form. Also included are full FX group stems for a quick and efficient production.


Melodic Loops & One Shots

Elevate the atmosphere within your tracks with melodic elements including a collection of haunting string atmospheres, dissonant string drones, ominous piano chords and melodies, morse code synth FX, harsh synth pluck melodics, dark, hypnotising melodies, plus more. Included in both loop and one-shot form.


All these sounds are downloadable in HD WAV at 24-bit/44.1kHz and are key & tempo-labeled for maximum ease of use. All loops and one-shot samples are 100% royalty-free.



Pack Specification

189x Total Samples

121x Total Loops

68x Total One Shots

25x Bass Loops

30x Melodic Loops

24x Drum Loops

20x Percussion Loops

22x FX Loops

22x Melodic One Shots

14x Bass One Shots

23x Drum One Shots

9x FX One Shots

Dark Drum & Bass 2

  • Element One proudly presents Dark Drum & Bass 2 - the next chapter of our exploration into the gritty and heavyweight heart of Dark Drum & Bass. Within, you’ll find a diverse, yet essential selection of sounds, ranging from deep, gritty basses and ruthless, heavy rhythms to haunting atmospherics and eerie, dissonant drones, plus much, much more. 


    Inspired by the dark productions of Drum & Bass artists such as Overlook, Clarity, Homemade Weapons, and Skeptical, this collection captures the raw energy and innovation that define the cutting-edge sounds of modern Dark Drum & Bass, all locked in at 170 bpm.


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