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Classic Chicago House

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Within Classic Chicago House, you’ll find:


Drum Loops

Explore the diverse selection of drums within this pack, from classic 4/4 patterns to funky syncopations, all programmed to deliver that signature Chicago house groove. Whether you're looking to add an old-school flavour to your productions or create tracks that pay homage to the legends of the Chicago house scene, these drum loops offer endless inspiration and versatility. With a range of legendary drum machines, kits, and sounds all blending seamlessly, you can expect beats that are both lively, rhythmic, and full of house energy. Also included are the accompanying Top Drum Loops (without Kick) for complete rhythmic customisation and mixing. This extensive selection of loops provide the perfect foundation for building infectious tracks that will keep the dance floor moving.


Percussion Loops

With your drum groove laid down, you can now enhance these with an extensive assortment of Kick Loops, Snare Loops, Hat Loops, Cymbal Loops, Clap Loops, Rim Loops,Tambourine Loops, plus more. These elements add flavour to your compositions and help reinforce a groove.


Bass Loops

Fill the low-end with an extensive and diverse selection of legendary vintage timbres, including vintage Organ Bass, Acid-style basslines, Classic Analog Plucks, Piano Bass grooves, Organ Subs, Reso Bass, PWM Squares, Reso Plucks, and smooth rhythmic subs.


FX Loops

A vintage-inspired selection of smooth and retro FX that add depth and a sonically rich atmosphere to your productions. These elements are perfect for creating both smooth transitions, and subtle nuances. Expect Vinyl Crackle textures, experimental percussive loops, Reverse Cymbal FX, and a selection of Risers for bringing energy to transitions.


Melodic Loops

Enhance the atmosphere of your track with a diverse collection of Soulful Pads, Acid Leads, House Organ melodies, Distorted Leads, String melodies, Vintage Synth String Leads, Smooth & Deep Pads, Bright Plucks, Glassy Pads, PWM Square Leads, percussive pluck grooves.


Chord Loops

Bring a soulful groove to your tracks with an extensive collection of Funky Synth & Piano Chord Grooves, Classic House Piano & Organ Chord Stabs, and rhythmic String stabs.


Bass One-Shots

An array of classic Organ Bass hits, smooth and rhythmic Sub hits, Piano Bass grooves, deep Acid Plucks, PWM Square hits, punchy vintage Plucks, Jazzy Chord hits, Reso Bass hits, plus more.


FX One-Shots

A collection of retro Cymbal one-shot FX, and experimental Industrial FX Impacts.


Melodic One-Shots

A varied selection of catchy Synth and melodic one-shots, including Acid-style squelches, House organ plucks, vintage synth textures, distorted swells, Snappy Analog Plucks, String swells, plus more.


Chord One-Shots

An authentic collection of Funky Synth Chord swells, plucky Rave-style Piano chords, String Stabs, plus more.


Drum & Percussion One-Shots

Explore a diverse selection of lively, yet crisp drum one-shots, including kicks, Hats, rimshots, Snares, claps, tambourine cymbals, cowbells, shakers, and Toms. These one-shots are the building blocks of funky, rhythmic Chicago house beats.


Whether you’re producing Classic Old School Chicago House, Jackin’ House, Garage House, Disco House, or even experimenting with other genres such as Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, or Funk, Classic Chicago House is an essential and versatile addition to any music production arsenal.


All these sounds are downloadable in HD WAV at 24-bit/44.1kHz and are key & tempo-labeled, so you can explore them with maximum ease.


All loops and one-shot samples are 100% royalty-free.



Pack Specification


423x Total Samples

323x Total WAV Loops

100x Total One Shots

64x Bass Loops

47x Chord Loops

42x Full Drum Loops

42x Top Drum Loops [Loops without Kick]

10x FX Loops

49x Melodic Loops

13x Snare Loops

13x Percussion Loops

10x Kick Loops

22x Hat Loops

5x Drum Fill Loops

6x Cymbal Loops

18x Bass One Shots

22x Chord One Shots

32x Drum One Shots

5x FX One Shots

23x Melodic One Shots

Classic Chicago House

  • Dive into the heartbeat of the Chicago house scene with Element One's Classic Chicago House sample pack - a treasure-trove full of authentic samples that explore the classic, yet timeless sound of old school Classic Chicago House, inspired by the legendary music of Marshall Jefferson, Frankie Knuckles, Farley "Jackmaster" Funk, and Mr Fingers.


    Explore this nostalgic pack where groovy basslines, funky drum patterns, catchy melodics, and retro atmospheric textures combine to create a classic and authentic Chicago house vibe. Classic Chicago House is designed for the creative producer seeking to infuse their tracks with a vintage and soulful flavour, full of groove and energy.