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Acid House Rave

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Acid House Rave is your ticket to a time when dance floors were heaving with the sounds of squelchy basslines, hypnotic rhythms, and euphoric melodies. Each sound has been carefully processed with vintage gear to preserve the character that made Acid House a timeless genre. Whether you're crafting a track destined for a sweaty basement club or a festival mainstage, Acid House Rave provides the building blocks for a truly immersive acid experience.


Within Acid House Rave, you'll find a treasure trove of acid-laced elements including:


Drum Loops & One Shots

Experience legendary Acid House beats with a selection of drum loops ranging from hypnotic four-on-the-floor patterns to broken up grooves, all designed to capture the essence of the Acid House rhythm. Produced using a legendary array of hardware drum machines, including the 606, 808, and 909, these drum loops are perfect for crafting tracks that resonate with the energy of a bygone era, yet sound fresh on today's dance floors. Also included are Top Drum Loops (without Kick) for complete rhythmic customization and mixing. You'll also find a selection of Drum Fill Loops for adding variation, for creating dynamic transitions, and for adding depth to your mix. In addition to these, a Drum One Shot folder is included containing all drum sounds used, including Kicks, Snares, Rimshots, Claps, Clave, Closed Hats, Open Hats, Congas, Cowbell, and Toms.


Percussion Loops

Complement your drum grooves with a collection of crisp hi-hats, and solid, punchy kicks. These kick loops provide that deep, thumping foundation, iconic to the genre, while the hat loops offer a crisp, rhythmic top-end that slices through the mix. Use these loops to lay down the perfect beat, or chop them up and create your own unique rhythms.


Bass Loops & One Shots

The heart of Acid House lies in its basslines, and this pack delivers with a great variety of pulsating and deep Bass loops, featuring a spectrum of Acidic and Squelchy Basslines, punchy Analog Plucks, classic 303 Basslines both clean and distorted, Deep Acid textures, FM and Slap Bassline