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TUFF: Roots Reggae

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Within TUFF: Roots Reggae you’ll find:


Drum Loops & One Shots

Explore the authentic selection of drums within this pack, from steady one-drop patterns to syncopated rockers, all designed to deliver that signature roots reggae sound. Whether you're looking to create a classic reggae track, a spaced-out dub, or a 140 soundsystem skanker, these drum loops offer endless inspiration and versatility. With a range of kits and organic sounds all blending harmoniously, you can expect grooves that are both warm, rhythmic, and full of reggae energy. Also included are the accompanying Top Drum Loops (without Kick) for complete rhythmic customisation and mixing. This extensive selection of loops provides the perfect foundation for building uplifting tracks that will keep the crowd skanking.


Bass Loops & One Shots

Fill the low-end with a solid and diverse selection of authentic reggae timbres, including live bass guitar, and groovy clavinet basslines. These bass loops provide a solid and authentic foundation for your roots reggae track, adding warmth and a classic groove to the mix.


HiHat Loops & Kick Loops

Customise your own groove or help reinforce a groove and skank with a selection of hi-hat and kick loops.


Clavinet Loops & One Shots

Add a roots-y funk to your tracks with a selection of classic clavinet riffs and lead melodies, as well as an authentic selection of clavinet skanks and stabs.


Guitar Loops & One Shots

An extensive and diverse selection of guitar loops showcasing a variety of timbres and styles, including driven/distorted tones, reverb-y skanks, lead melodies and riffs, classic wah-wah leads & skanks, and guitar solos and hooks, providing both rhythmic and harmonic support to your tracks. These guitar loops will give your productions an authentic roots-y and organic edge.


Organ & Synth Loops & One Shots

A classic selection of organ & synth timbres designed to create a warm and organic sound, perfect for spicing up your mix. You can find a selection of chord progressions, skanks, lead melodies, riffs, plus a selection of wah-wah organ loops for bringing that extra funky spice.


FX Loops & One Shots

A crucial roots-inspired selection of smooth and atmospheric FX that add depth and a sonically rich vibe to your productions. These elements are perfect for creating both smooth transitions and subtle nuances. Expect tape echo textures, spring reverb splashes, dubby flourishes, and a selection of risers for bringing energy to transitions.


Piano Loops & One Shots

Enhance the mood of your track with a varied collection of soulful piano loops. You can find a variety of piano chord progressions, skank grooves, chord stabs, melodies, and riffs, plus a collection of wah-wah piano loops for adding a funky twist.


Whether you’re producing classic roots reggae, dancehall, dub, reggaeton, or even experimenting with other genres such as dubstep, dub techno, soul, or funk, TUFF: Roots Reggae is an essential and versatile addition to any music production arsenal.


All these sounds are downloadable in HD WAV at 24-bit/44.1kHz and are key & tempo-labeled, so you can explore them with maximum ease.


All loops and one-shot samples are 100% royalty-free.



Pack Specification

281x Total Samples

217x Total WAV Samples

64x Total One Shot Samples

24x Full Drum Loops

24x Top Drum Loops (Kick Removed)

7x Drum Fill Loops

21x HiHat Loops

12x Kick Loops

20x Electric Bass Loops

6x Bass Clavinet Loops 

18x Clavinet Loops

8x FX Loops

34x Guitar Loops

19x Organ & Synth Loops

24x Piano Loops

7x Bass One Shots

7x Clavinet One Shots

8x Drum One Shots

11x FX One Shots

14x Guitar One Shots

5x Organ One Shots

9x Piano One Shots

3x Synth One Shots


TUFF: Roots Reggae

  • Immerse yourself in the roots of reggae music with Element One's latest reggae offering - TUFF: Roots Reggae - a rich collection of authentic samples that capture the essence of old school roots reggae, inspired by the iconic music of Bob Marley and Peter Tosh.


    Discover this vibrant pack where skanking guitars, groovy basslines, organic drums, soulful synths & pianos, and dubbed-out FX blend to create a classic and authentic roots reggae vibe. TUFF: Roots Reggae is designed for the creative producer seeking to infuse their tracks with a warm and organic reggae flavour, full of rhythm and style. Whether you want to create a classic reggae track, a modern dancehall hit, or a dubwise soundsystem banger, TUFF: Roots Reggae has everything you need to inject some Jamaican flavour into your productions.