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Ambient Techno

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Within Ambient Techno, you’ll find:


Bass Loops

Fill the low-end with a range of deep pads, ambient acid plucks, warm rhythmic subs, S&H textures, harmonic reeses, spacey bass swells, and resonant low-end bass drones.


Drum Loops

Explore the diverse selection of drums within this pack with a range of kits including both soft and heavy kicks, snappy claps, smooth hats, and pulsing percussion elements, all blending harmoniously to create beats that are both soothing and rhythmic, full of ambient energy. Also included are the accompanying Top Drum Loops (without Kick) for complete rhythmic customisation and mixing.


Percussion Loops

You’ve got your Drums sorted; now you can enhance these with an extensive assortment of Kick Loops, Hat Loops, Clap Loops, Percussion Loops, and Rim Loops. These elements add texture to your compositions and help reinforce a groove.


FX Loops

Push the boundaries of sound design with an extensive and diverse selection of smooth and ethereal FX that add depth and a sonically rich atmosphere to your productions. These elements are perfect for creating smooth transitions, subtle nuances, and atmospheric flourishes in your productions. Expect spacey atmospheric textures, sci-fi atmospheres, Crackle textures, Ambient Noise textures, pulsing grooves, glitched sonics, experimental percussive loops, a selection of Synth FX and sweeps, and lush, multilayered atmospherics.


Melodic Loops

Enhance the atmosphere of your track with an extensive collection of soothing Pads, flourishing Dubby Synth Chords, harmonic Drones, spacey swells, bright, mesmerising melodies, Drone atmospheres, Synth chord Grooves, and more. Each element is designed to add a layer of emotion and complexity to your sonic landscape.


Bass One-Shots

A rich and spacious selection of Deep Pad swells, warm and percussive Sub hits, deep Ambient Plucks, Harmonic Reese swells, snappy Acid Plucks, Deep Drones, and dubby Chord hits.


FX One-Shots

An array of spacey Synth Zap Impacts, and experimental Industrial FX Impacts.


Melodic One-Shots

An assorted selection of soothing Synth and melodic one-shots, including Deep Synth Pad swells, Spacey Dub chords, resonant Synth Plucks, atmospheric synth textures, plus more.


Drum & Percussion One-Shots

Explore a vast selection of soft, yet snappy drum one-shots, including kicks, Hats, rimshots, Claps, cymbals, and Toms. These one-shots are the building blocks of soothing, rhythmic ambient techno beats.


Whether you’re producing Ambient Techno, Minimal Techno, Deep House, IDM or even experimenting with other genres such as Chillout, Downtempo, Cinematic, or Electronica, Ambient Techno is an essential and versatile addition to any music production arsenal.


All these sounds are downloadable in HD WAV at 24-bit/44.1kHz and are key & tempo-labeled, so you can explore them with maximum ease. 


All loops and one-shot samples are 100% royalty-free.



Pack Specifications


246x Total Samples

172x Loop Samples

74x One Shot Samples

33x Bass Loops

22x Full Drum Loops

22x Top Drum Loops (No Kick)

36x Percussion Loops

20x FX Loops

39x Melodic Loops

22x Bass One Shots

23x Drum One Shots

5x FX One Shots

24x Melodic One Shots

Ambient Techno

  • Element One proudly presents its latest ambient offering, Ambient Techno. Immerse yourself in this ethereal pack where spacious basslines, hypnotic drum grooves, entrancing melodics, and ominous atmospheric textures merge to create an atmospheric and futuristic ambient techno vibe. 


    Ambient Techno is designed for the creative producer seeking to infuse their tracks with ethereal, and hypnotic energy, full of rich Hi-Fi sonics.


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