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Analog Ambient

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Within Analog Ambient, you’ll find:


Melodic Loops: 

A varied selection of piano, electric keys, and analog synthesiser melodies.


Drum & Percussion Loops: 

A mix of vintage drum machine loops, drum breaks, and synthesised drum grooves. Plus a varied selection of Hat and Percussion patterns for adding extra groove, variation, and detail to your productions.


Pad & Chord Loops: 

Deep and textural chord soundscapes crafted using Piano, Electric Keys, and Vintage Synthesisers.


Cassette Loops: 

A collection of Piano and Synthesiser cassette tape loops to bring a smooth LoFi sound to your tracks.


Bass Loops: 

Including an extensive selection of Deep Subs, Low Pads, Bass Swells, Dark Drones, Reeces, and Plucks.


Atmosphere Loops: 

A collection of Industrial atmospheres, atonal Drones, Glitches, and Crackle.


Field Recordings: 

A collection of varied ambient spaces, including Busy markets, Factory ambience, Rain, Road ambience, and Street atmospheres.


Impacts & Risers: 

A varied collection of Impacts and Risers for adding detail and tension to your productions.



All these sounds are downloadable in HD WAV at 44.1kHz and 24bit and are all tempo labelled so that you can explore these with maximum ease. All loops and one-shot samples are 100% royalty free. 



Pack Specifications


138x Total Samples

23x Melodic Loops

38x Drum & Percussion Loops (including Stems)

15x Pad & Chord Loops

12x Cassette Loops

20x Bass Loops

10x Atmosphere Loops

10x Field Recordings

10x Impacts & Risers

Analog Ambient

  • Element One proudly presents Analog Ambient - an atmospheric expedition into the world of ambient music, inspired by artists such as Boards Of Canada, Amulets, Aphex Twin, Jon Hopkins, Hainbach, and Brian Eno.

    With sounds crafted using legendary analog synthesisers, piano, drum machines, cassette loops, field recorders, tape delays, and spring reverbs, this pack offers a diverse collection of beautiful and atmospheric sounds and textures.


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