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Dark Bass Serum Presets

Full Pack Demo Available Here


From bellowing foghorn basses and abrasive growls, to deep reeces, weighty wubs, and legendary acid sounds, this Serum preset pack is bursting with inventive low end energy.


Of course, each Serum preset has been designed to give you the best sound upon loading, whilst still providing you entire creative control over the shaping of the sound to fit right into your production. Each Preset has 4 macro controls mapped to the best parameters within Serum so that you can quickly get tone-shaping right away.


In detail, expect to find a total of 70 Bass presets, with 5 808 Bass Presets, 5 Acid Bass Presets, 5 FM Bass Presets, 5 Foghorn Bass Presets, 5 Glide Bass Presets, 5 Growl Bass Presets, 5 Organ Bass Presets, 5 Pad Bass Presets, 5 Pluck Bass Presets, 5 Pulse Bass Presets, 5 Reece Bass Presets, 5 Sequence Bass Presets, 5 Sub Bass Presets, and 5 Wub Bass Presets.


All Drums used in the pack demo can be found in the following Element One Sample Packs:


VAULT - Drum & Bass

RUFF: Halftime DnB 

Heavyweight Breaks

Dark Grime



Pack Specifications


5x 808 Bass Presets 

5x Acid Bass Presets

5x FM Bass Presets

5x Foghorn Bass Presets

5x Glide Bass Presets

5x Growl Bass Presets

5x Organ Bass Presets

5x Pad Bass Presets

5x Pluck Bass Presets

5x Pulse Bass Presets

5x Reece Bass Presets

5x Sequence Bass Presets

5x Sub Bass Presets

5x Wub Bass Presets

Dark Bass Serum Presets

  • Element One presents Dark Bass Serum Presets - a deep dive into the darker side of Bass. These presets offer an extensive exploration of bass sound design for all your low end needs whether it be Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Grime, Techno, Halftime, Bass House, Jungle, Electro, Future Bass, Trap, and more.


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