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UK Garage Serum Presets

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We’ve taken influence from the classic sound of pure UK Garage, whilst also smoothly blending in the fresh, innovative sonics of modern-day UKG production displayed by progressive artists such as WEN and TRG, so expect a diverse mix of both old-skool and current sounds certain to bring a unique vibe to any UKG outing.


This pack features essential bass synth workouts - from wubs and subs to 808s and squares - alongside lush pianos, bouncy organs, energetic synth plucks, sleek square leads, textural FX samples with risers and impacts, classic synth stabs, string stabs, and more.

Of course, each Serum preset has been designed to give you the best sound upon loading, whilst still providing you entire creative control over the shaping of the sound to suit exactly your vibe. Each preset has at least 2 macro controls mapped to key parameters within Serum so you can quickly get tone-shaping right away.


This is the ultimate UK Garage Serum toolset, designed to get the system shaking and the crowd calling for the reload.


In detail, expect to find 65 total presets, broken down as 25 bass presets (square bass, organ bass, wubs, subs, 808 bass, acid bass), 10 FX presets (ambience, impacts, risers, bleeps), 10 lead presets (organ, square lead, synth pluck, steel drum, strings, flute), 4 pad presets, 8 poly presets (FM keys, organ, piano, strings) and 8 stab presets (strings, FM).



Pack Specifications


  • 65 Total Presets

  • 25 Bass Presets (Square Bass, Organ Bass, Wubs, Subs, 808 Bass, Acid Bass)

  • 10 FX Presets (Ambience, Impacts, Risers, Bleeps)

  • 10 Lead Presets (Organ, Square Lead, Synth Pluck, Steel Drum, Strings, Flute)

  • 4 Pad Presets

  • 8 Poly Presets (FM Keys, Organ, Piano, Strings)

  • 8 Stab Presets (Strings, FM)

UK Garage Serum Presets

  • Element One proudly present UK Garage Serum Presets. Jump into the authentic sounds of UKG and 2-step with these 65 solid Serum presets, designed from the ground up to ensure you have the perfect sounds to draw from when making a certified garage bomb.


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