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90's Jungle

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Within 90’s Jungle, you’ll find: 


Drum Breaks & Drum Loops: A powerful and nostalgic selection of Drum Breaks, capturing the essence of the genre, with hard-hitting kicks, tight snares, and advanced cymbal work, with multiple groove variations for creative flexibility and tweaking. 


Percussions Loops: A skilful selection of both authentic and diverse Loops including Bongos, Shakers, Snares, Tambourine, Claps, Hats, Crash & Ride Cymbals, and Kicks. 


Synth & Piano Loops: An extensive collection of both Dreamy, Vibrant, and Tense melodic elements, including classic dreamy Synth Pad layers, Dark & tense Atmospheres, classic melodic Synth Leads & Plucks, soulful Piano chords, Drones, Synth Pad textures, and an array of melodic loops, inspired by classic sounds and sequences. These also include Full Melodic Layer Group Loops for quick beat-building. 


Vocals: A concise selection of Era-appropiate vocal samples designed to transport you to the dancefloors of the past, including heavily processed and distinctive Vocal Loops & One Shots.


Bass Loops: A captivating selection of all things Bass, including 808’s, Hard & Driven 808’s, Deep Subs, Acid 303 Basslines, heavy rhythmic plucks, Moog-style Pluck bass grooves, and Deep Reece Loops.


FX Loops: A perfectly curated collection of classic FX Loops, perfect for bringing that Old-school yet intelligent sound to your productions. Expect Synth Zaps, Noise Atmos Loops, Rewind FX, Dub Sirens, Chimes, Synthetic Atmospheres, Eerie & Tense Atmospheres, Risers, Percussive FX Stabs, experimental Cymbal FX textures. 


Bass One Shots: Expect the classics - 808’s, Hard Gritty Basses, Deep Reece Drones, Booming Sub hits, Harsh Acid 303 Bass hits, Deep Plucks, and warm analogue Subs. 


Drum & Percussion One Shots: A generous offering of retro drum & percussion sounds, including Bongos, Claps, Hats, Crash & Ride Cymbals, Kicks, Reverse Cymbals, Shakers, Snares, and Tambourines. 


FX One Shots: A classic collection of Chimes, Cymbal FX, Dark Atmos hits, Atmospheric Swells, Drones, Risers, and distinct Synth Zaps, for adding that vintage flair to your productions.


Synth & Piano One Shots: A nostalgic mix of jazzy Piano Chords, cerebral Synth Pad Chords, Synth Plucks, and emotive Strings, for adding depth, emotion, and a touch of nostalgia to your tracks.


Whether you're producing Drum and Bass, Jungle, or even experimenting with other genres, these samples are a versatile addition to any music production arsenal.


All these sounds are downloadable in HD WAV at 24-bit/44.1kHz – key & tempo-labelled so that you can explore them with maximum ease. All loops and one-shot samples are 100% royalty-free.


Pack Specifications


326x Total Samples

31x Bass Loops

33x Drum Breaks & Drum Loops

34x Percussion Loops

19x FX Loops

34x Synth Loops

14x Piano Loops

4x Vocal Samples

50x Bass One Shots

43x Drum & Percussion One Shots

15x FX One Shots

27x Synth One Shots

22x Piano One Shots


90's Jungle

  • Element One proudly presents 90’s Jungle - a treasure-trove of premium samples that explore the classic, yet timeless sound of 90’s Jungle, inspired by the likes of Source Direct, Alex Reece, Dillinja, Doc Scott, Goldie, and Photek. Relive the golden age of breakbeats, deep basslines, and legendary, vibrant melodies that defined a generation of electronic music. Packed with over 820MB authentic sounds and grooves, this meticulously crafted collection is a must-have for producers, musicians, and enthusiasts looking to capture the essence of the iconic 90's Jungle sound.


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