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140 Dub - Serum Presets

Full Pack Demo Available Here


Each of the 38 presets have been designed to give you the best sound upon loading, whilst still providing you entire creative control over the shaping of the sound to fit right into your production.


This pack is the perfect addition for the 140, Dubstep, Dub, Jungle, or Drum & Bass producer looking for a whole new flavour to expand upon their sound with.


All drum samples heard on this Demo track are available from the 140 Dub sample pack available here.


Check out the specs and demo track to find out more.



Pack Specifications


38x Total Presets

10x Wub Bass Presets

6x Bonus Bass Presets

7x Sub Bass Presets

3x Dub Siren Presets

4x FX Zap Presets

3x Synth Lead & Strings Presets

5x Synth Keys Presets

140 Dub - Serum Presets

  • Element One proudly presents 140 Dub - Serum Presets, a deep and weighty venture into the sound of Dub music, with a modern 140 and UKBM twist. With sounds inspired by artists such as Kahn, Karma, Headland, Quasar, Hebbe, and Versa, you’ll find a diverse selection of Wubs & Subs, 808s, Dubby Chords, Ethereal Swells, Dub Sirens, FX Zaps, Raw Synth Keys, and Classic Synth Leads & Strings.


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